What Are the Most Valuable Parts Salvaged from Cars?

If you are looking to sell a used car, then one of the sure ways to get both a sale and a fair price is to sell through a reputable dealership. The reason good dealerships will always be able to take your car (regardless of the condition) is that they have the market reach and resources to sell almost any car in almost any condition. Moreover, in the cases of the most junked out vehicles, they can either sell them straight on to an auto-salvage yard or salvage the parts from the car themselves. There is always value in a used a car, and dealerships are easily the best placed of all potential buyers to exploit it.

A private buyer, for instance, will hardly ever accept a junked car. Most private buyers are looking for a single car for personal use and do not have the resources to restore a car in bad shape. The issue of restoration is also pertinent for those looking to sell a car and hoping to raise its price ahead of the actual sale. This is indeed what a private dealership will do to a car in poor condition if it believes it can be sold on after restoration. The difference however is that dealerships can simply do more to a car and at less expense than any private individual can. With restoration facilities onsite and all the restoration resources purchased in bulk, it is simply more economical for a professional dealership to be restoring many cars each day than it is for a private individual to restore one ahead of any sale.

This ability to restore vehicles effectively and economically is one of the reasons why dealerships like Cash for Cars in San Diego boast that they will accept any vehicle. If you’re looking to sell a used car in San Diego or the Southern California area, then a company such as Cash for Cars in San Diego will give you best possible price – calculated through access to wide range of national outlets and an up-to-date market database – and pay cash for your car there and then. What makes this entire system work, however, is this ability to restore, and for that a dealership needs spare parts. But what are the most popular and valuable parts that can be salvaged from a junked car?

The Auto-Salvage Industry

Here follows the most valuable parts that can be lifted from such vehicles – these are the parts that really earn a scrap dealer their trade:

GPS System

GPS systems have certainly been around long enough now for them to start turning up in auto-salvage yards. In fact, all electronic or computer-based items will be among the first things salvaged from a junked car. This is because these products can potentially be sold to many more customers than just those looking for car parts.


In contrast to GPS systems and other gadgetry, a fender is one of the simplest parts of a car. And yet, being also one of the sturdiest blocks of metal on the vehicle, it is actually very valuable and is usually preserved in good working order.


A fully intact car door is actually a highly sought-after auto part. There are several components to a car door which are usually sold separately after the door has been taken apart.

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are very valuable among scrap traders. This is because they are rarely found in good working order on a junked car – and also because they contain precious metals such as palladium, rhodium, or platinum.

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