Say No To DIY Towing

Do It Yourself towing ought to not be practised, particularly if you had a roadway incident and you are unskilled with towing. You should not call your pals either to ask them to help you tow your car. You can end up lamenting this choice, specifically if your objective is to conserve money.

Leave it to the professionals

Beginners and tow truck Singapore professionals see eye to eye on one point when it concerns towing: it is not something to sneeze at.It is constantly best to assign this task to the experts. Nonetheless, if you insist on towing on your own, especially if it is merely for your family members’s enjoyment, there are a few things to learn about. These points will help you have a smooth-sailing experience.

Even if you have been lugging trailers for a number of years now, towing is still tough to master. It is even worse when it is your initial vacation with your family in a little camper trailer.

Safety Chains

Trailers include safety chains that you will attach to the hitch. Stay clear of running these chains directly, which is a common mistake that individuals do. Rather, cross them with each other for far better safety and security.

You will require to maintain the chains firm to make sure that the trailer does not drag on the roadway. However, there should be adequate space for the container to move, which is vital if you have to make a sharp turn.

Choose the Right Hitch

The hitch refers to the secure metal framework that is connected to the automobile. It features two components: the trailer hitch that you utilize to affix to the tow car and the receiver hitch where you attach the tow ball.

Tow Ball

You understand that you need a couple of accessories to start if it is the 1st time you will tow. Among them is the tow ball, which should be of the very same dimension as the trailers coupling.

It is easy for novices to make this blunder. However, tow balls that are improperly sized can cause accidents. Numerous professionals believe it is the leading factor for trailer accidents.


Think about the following circumstance. You are driving your truck, and you have a watercraft hitched to your car. It is a windy day, and the strong wind will make the watercraft rock back and forth.

The issue becomes worse when you need to drive up a hillside. Even a raised section of the roadway can create severe issues.

Tow truck motorists know about torque, which can be dangerous if you are new to towing. One usual mistake that individuals make when they tow is they make use of a rope to attach the vehicle to the trailer. Regrettably, the cable can conveniently break, which is just one of the largest threats of DIY towing.

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