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New vs Used. The Penultimate car buyer’s question – can you decide?

Alright, so you’ve decided it’s time for your next car. But will you go new or used? This question haunts the best of us, and while you may think it’s just a matter of cost and budgeting, it’s actually more complex than that. So let’s indulge our imaginations for a bit.

Here’s a hypothetical

You’ve been given $30,000. You have to spend it on a car. Any car. Before your imagination goes wild, let’s just see what that kind of money will get you.

Buying new

If you’re buying new, you could look at a brand new Hatch, or a mid-range SUV with some handy extras. Nothing crazy, but you’d be looking at getting a solid range of base-level models from some great carmakers.

Buying used

Alright, so with $30,000 cash you’re looking at a wider range of options in the secondhand market. If you’re a vintage car fan, you may be able to score some very sweet deals online. It’s true, $30,000 can go a long way in the used car market, but always be aware of the issues when buying a used car. We’ll get into those soon.

I want a new car because…

  • They smell good. Nothing beats the new car smell.
  • There are no leftover CDs from the early 2000s in the glovebox.
  • There isn’t a ‘very specific’ way to turn on the radio. Oh, and everything actually works.
  • It just looks good, and I can boast about it to my friends.
  • There’s something about the handling. It’s crisp and responsive.

New cars are less thirsty

Compared to the old guzzler you checked out online, a new car will have all the latest fuel saving technology. If you’re all about minimising on-road costs and also have an environmental streak – expect more from the new car market. You’ll also get more choice of electric and hybrid cars. A lot of the (good) electric cars haven’t been on the road long enough to become second hand cars.

Dodge that awkward test-drive meetup

Compared to your average dealership, buying privately can be disastrously awkward. Bringing your brief online relationship into the real world for a brief car inspection at their home in the middle of nowhere is enough to get the heart racing. Not to mention pushy sales techniques and a lacklustre knowledge of the car itself, sometimes you’re left with more questions than answers.

Buying new means no historical baggage

Buying a new car means you can be 100% sure your car is free from past accidents and previous owners’ uncouth driving habits. One of the biggest pros in buying new is that your car will be fully safe and structurally sound. Previous accidents can cause dangerous defects that can compromise your safety on the road.

The flip-side. The pros of a used car.

Besides the price, which is an obvious attraction, there’s actually a lot going for used cars. It’s not just budgetary considerations that hold sway in the used car market. It’s a car’s character, how it looks, maybe you’re a classic car fan – all these play a role in deciding to buy a used car.

Used cars have cheaper running costs

Compared to the costs of getting a new car roadworthy, you’re going to dodge some key costs including sales taxes, registration, and depending on the car, expect insurance premiums to be lower too.

Considering buying a secondhand car? Check out this informative used car buying guide for more tips on how to navigate the market.

It’s not just a phase…

Buying a used car is great for those who want to play around a bit, maybe experiment with some modifications, maybe you’re going through a 4 wheel driving phase and need that extra traction for your big adventures. Buying a used car gives you the freedom to sell again, again, and again. For adventure junkies – that’s perfect.

It’s about character

Used cars are notorious for having issues, yes. But they’re also bursting with character. If you’re lucky enough to get a car that’s been well cared for and maybe even upgraded with a new engine, or repainted, you can get some really spectacular deals on the private market. If you want to get back to the true essence of driving, you’re more likely to find that in a used car.

A happy middle ground

Just say the words: ‘demo model’ at any used car Perth dealership reception and watch the magic begin. If you’re after a cheaper option that still has everything working, low kilometres, and that new car smell still lingering, then ask about test driving a demo model at your local dealership and see how you go. You might be surprised at what you find.

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