6 Tips To Stop Your Cracked Windscreen Getting Worse

One of the first things that may run through your mind when you get a cracked windscreen is “how much is this going to cost to fix?” Although there’s not one price that you could expect to see, one way to keep the costs down and avoid a full windscreen replacement is by making sure that the crack doesn’t spread any further.

It should be noted here that this article is designed for people who may have a little chip or crack in their windscreen. If you have more of an extensive crack you’ll need to get the windscreen replaced straight away as you won’t be able to drive with it. In the meantime, here are 6 tips to stop your cracked windscreen getting worse.

1.   DIY Windscreen repair kit

One of the first things you can do is pick up a DIY windscreen repair kit from your local automotive repair or parts shop. These are fairly inexpensive and will give you a nice temporary fix in a relatively short period of time. The kits themselves are generally more effective on small circular chips or cracks which aren’t bigger than 30mm.

If you do see that the crack is continuing to spread quickly after you’ve completed the repair, definitely get in touch with a windscreen repair company.

2.   Use superglue for the crack

If you’ve got some superglue lying around the house you can also put it to good use for your cracked windscreen. Make sure to give the glass around the crack a good clean to remove any dirt or bits of glass. Insert the superglue and let it dry for a little while. After this, you’ll want to put some tape over the top to stop any other dirt getting in there.

3.   Use clear nail polish for the crack

Similar to the superglue, you also have the option of using some clear nail polish in the crack too. It’s a real DIY solution if you’re stuck in a bind, but it can do the trick until you see the real professionals. Follow the same process as the superglue and make sure to fasten some clear tape on top to keep it more secure.

4.   Avoid extreme changes in temperature

This is another simple tip to keeping your car secure, comfortable and making sure that the crack doesn’t spread any further. Glass as a substance is quite receptive to temperature changes, so it will expand and contract depending on the movements in temperature around the car.

5.   Drive carefully and slowly

The last thing you want is to be speeding down a rocky road only to have one bump make the crack spread much further across your windscreen. Always drive very carefully and slower than usual on the roads. Try to avoid particularly bumpy roads and take it very slowly when you’re going over speed bumps or entering a driveway.

6.   Contact a professional glass replacement service

Unfortunately, most of these other solutions are just temporary little fixes to stop that crack from spreading. They won’t work forever and soon enough you’ll need to get the problem sorted once and for all with a full windscreen replacement service. This will give you the peace of mind that your crack won’t spread any further as the issue will be fully resolved.

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