Main Problems Of Hydraulic Cylinders And How To Solve Them

Hydraulic cylinders are responsible, within the system, for transforming fluid energy into mechanical energy. Using a piston, this energy is generated according to the output and input of oil in the cylinder, functioning as a linear hydraulic motor for the system. Because of this, cylinders are widely used in industrial machines and have become vital for their operation.

It is necessary to closely monitor the performance of your cylinder, carrying out periodic revisions and maintenance to detect any failure right at the beginning before it evolves and causes more significant damage to the hydraulic system or the machinery itself. Preventive maintenance ensures that wear is detected and helps extend the equipment’s useful life and better functioning.

Do you want to know what can be found when evaluating your hydraulic system and your cylinder in case it shows signs of something wrong? Cylinders, Inc separates a list of the main problems of using cylinders and possible solutions to remedy possible damage to your system.

Common Hydraulic Cylinder Problems

Cylinders face two main problems: failure of seals and wear on rods. However, other causes can also be a reason for repair: mounting in side load, contamination, poor lubrication, and operation above the stipulated capacity are some of them.

Troubleshooting And Servicing Hydraulic Cylinders

Maintaining the cylinders by specialist like Caterpillar Cylinder Repair Services for example is very important. Some parts must be analyzed calmly, such as the shirt, the rod, and the seals. Another point to be noted is that contaminated fluids are responsible for 80% of system problems and can lead to problems in other equipment.

The shirt must have its circularity analyzed. Any deformation in it impacts the sealing and also the performance. If there’s something wrong, you need to hone it. You need to look for wear or scratches and alignment deformations for the rods. It is necessary to remove the chrome and apply a new layer to solve it. In the case of sealing, wear and tear and poor-quality products lead to contamination, leakage, and compromised lubrication. The seals must be replaced in case of problems.

For maintenance or cylinder replacement, do not forget to call a reliable company that works with your type of hydraulic system to avoid significant problems. Only specialists should operate this type of equipment so that the damage does not become irreparable and the system continues operating at its highest quality for much longer.

Do you understand the problems that cylinders can face within your system and what to do to adjust them? Now it’s time to enlist Huade’s help! We are a company that specializes and is certified in hydraulic and electronic systems, and we are constantly updating and progressing with our products and services to serve better what you are looking for.

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