Common Injuries Suffered In Road Cycling Accidents

Because of the vulnerability of bicycle users we see a broad range of injuries as the result of accidents which they have on the road. Speaking recently with sideswipe accidents lawyers, it becomes very apparent just how traumatic and terrible these injuries have the potential to be, even when cyclists are using protective equipment. Should you get injured in an accident it is always important to consult legal advice, and claiming for damages may be something that you could do. To give you an idea of what the injuries could entail, here are some of the most common which we see.

Broken Bones

Unfortunately the way in which the body will fall from a bicycle means that broken bones are common place. Usually we will see these kinds of breaks and fractures on the arms, shoulders and the shin bones. Oddly enough whilst these are traumatic injuries, they can in fact heal much quicker than muscle and ligament tears. Unfortunately however muscle strains and tears can often come about following a break.

Head and Brain Injury

The reason why wearing a helmet is so important is that there is a very real risk of head and brain trauma after falling off a bicycle. Traumatic brain injuries can range from minor concussion to long lasting impact which effect brain and body function. Serious TBIs can even rest in loss of function and even seizures in some cases.

Dental Injuries

It is not uncommon for cyclists to have dental injuries as a result of getting into an accident. Broken and chipped teeth are something which we see a lot in these instances. On the worse end of the scale there could be jaw issues such as fractures and breaks.

Hand Injuries

Hand injuries are certainly the most common when it comes to cyclists because of the way that we reach our arms out to break a fall. Given the many small bones which we have in the hand it is so easy to fracture and break them. The hands also have a lot of ligaments which can easily be torn or twisted.

Neck and Nerve Damage

The shock of the accident can often cause issues to our necks and even our nervous system at the base of our backs. This of course will depend heavily on the type of fall or collision which the cyclist has had. The neck can often tense up in the days that go by following an accident and whiplash symptoms can start to show.

Beyond this there are the usual scratches, scrapes and cuts which come from these incidents which can take a long time to heal. Given the abrasiveness of the road surface many cyclists also report road rash, which can stay for quite some time. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident then don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer.

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