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CarGuard Shows How to Find a Good Vehicle Service Contract

 No car owner should have to worry about breaking their bank account on repairs and maintenance after buying a vehicle (new or used) from a reputable dealership.

At the same time, the overwhelming majority of “extended warranty” plans are nowhere near as comprehensive, as complete, or even as useful as many dealerships make them out to be.

No, if you’re going to give your vehicle (and your finances) the protection you deserve you’ll want to look more closely at auto repair service contracts from companies like CarGuard Administration.,

Unique and separate from extended warranties, vehicle service contracts provide an extra layer of protection and security for the core systems of your vehicle in a way that traditional coverage plans cannot.

The peace of mind alone you get from these kinds of plans often make them well worth the (always affordable) price point!

That being said, finding the right vehicle service contract is never as simple or straightforward a process as it seems on the surface.

To help you find the right protection going forward, you’ll want to zero in on the details highlighted below.

Do Your Research and Due Diligence

For starters, you have to be 100% sure that the third-party company providing your vehicle service contract:

  • Is completely legitimate
  • Has a sterling silver reputation in the industry and
  • Offers drivers the kind of protection they are looking for without a lot of unnecessary expense

Like any other industry, there are unreliable operations promising “extended warranty” programs that fall well short of vehicle owner expectations.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, though, you have companies like CarGuard Administration – some of the most trusted names in the service contract industry.

CarGuard Administration has built their business on the back of being trustworthy, reliable, and offering service contracts without “weasel words” or fine print filling up the contract pages. They offer great protection at a great price, exactly what vehicle owners deserve.

Check the Fine Print

Speaking of fine print, car owners will want to be sure that they read every single word on their service contract before they sign on the dotted line.

The fine print of these agreements is where less than legitimate operations like to “hide” secret fees, extra charges, and surprise expenses that vehicle owners are never expecting.

Take time to read through all of the documentation and to get every promise made from service contract companies down in writing before you move forward.

Avoid Less Than Legit Companies

Avoiding less than legitimate companies is a lot easier today than ever before, thanks in large part to the power of the internet, social media, and the nature of online reviews in general.

Car owners looking to purchase vehicle service contracts will want to take time out of their day to do a bit of digging into the history of the service contract companies they are considering.

You’ll find pretty quickly that companies like CarGuard Administration are able to separate themselves from the rest of the pack next to glowingly positive reviews, solid feedback, and consistent high marks for the service they provide and the interactions they have with their customers.

Push for Totally Transparent Pricing Details

Because the service contracts are often purchased alongside a vehicle (new or used), it’s easy for the cost of these contracts to get folded into the overall cost of a vehicle.

That’s an easy way for the expense of a solid service contract to be artificially inflated, especially if it’s just rolled into monthly payments that only bump up a dollar or two while representing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in extra cost over the lifetime of that loan.

Car owners need to push for total transparency in pricing to get the peace of mind they deserve.

The last thing car owners want to do is drive off of the lot and discover their vehicle needs a bit of work that’ll cost them a ton of money out-of-pocket.

Get extra protection from those nightmare scenarios with service contracts from CarGuard Administration that are worth every penny!

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