Selling Your Car? Here’s A Few Tips To Increase Your Resale Value

As a smart car owner, you probably realize that a vehicle well taken care of can hold up its resale value, and help you purchase a new car when the time comes. One other thing you must probably know too is that predicting a car’s exact rate of appreciation can be quite difficult since that’s based on things that are always changing. Like with real estate, the car market has its ups and downs too, can be affected by crisis, or can witness an unexpected boom. Other than that, the price you can expect for your vehicle can be influenced by other factors impossible to control like the number of buyers that are looking for vehicles like yours in a certain moment, or how your car brand is perceived.

But if you are wondering whether it’s possible to increase your car’s value beyond the standard equity appreciation, you betcha. And if you want more confidence that your car will be still worth top dollar the day you will decide to part ways, just follow these 5 simple tips.

So let’s dive in!

  1. Pimp It Up

Okay, the first thing you can do to increase a car’s value is to make it more attractive—literally. That’s right, we’re talking about detailing! Read some trusted car care reviews and start investing in a high quality product like Nexgen Ceramic spray or Torque Detail Mirror Shine. These detailing hacks will not only ensure that your shines like new, but will also offer it a proper protection from all weather elements that might attack its painting. And, while making your car more beautiful is definitely a great selling point for future buyers, you’ll also get to enjoy driving a prettier car yourself.

  1. Keep It Clean

This advice probably doesn’t need too much explanation as we all know that first impressions matter. The cleaner and shinier your car, the more money you’ll get for it. Other than that, regular cleaning will ensure that all impurities are washed away from your vehicle’s body which in time will help prevent the deterioration of its paint, and even the different parts of your car.

  1. Have Everything Repaired

The first thing any second hand car buyer will want to know is what problems your car has, if it had any accidents, and what needs to be repaired. Someone who is experienced with buying and selling cars will immediately see any damage including little scratches or minor dings, and will immediately start working out how much it’s going to cost them to repair them. To avoid having these costs lower the total amount you might get for your car, it’s better to have everything fixed before putting your vehicle up for sale.

  1. Get Your Vehicle Serviced

Being able to show a full-service history when selling your car will definitely increase its resale value. While a car’s engine and exterior may show some tell-tale signs of previous problems and its repair history, a full service is a key piece of history for your car.

  1. Get All The Papers In Order

One of the most important things you need to do before selling your car is to have all its papers in order. For a smooth transfer of ownership make sure that you gather all your vehicle’s maintenance records, history report, warranty papers, title of property and bill of sale.


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